Customer Stories

Explore some customer stories to see inside Interactor's collaboration through a variety of industries


5G ready Intelligent Network Automation and Service Orchestration is a solution built by leading telecom operators using API AutoFlow Interactor to solve interoperability challenges with a growing number of devices being added to the network.
Transform data from external sources for consumption into a security analytics engine using API AutoFlow Interactor.


The leading fintech companies today are defining the API taxonomy using API AutoFlow Interactor.


API AutoFlow is working with numerous health providers to easily transform their legacy data and make it available through modern APIs without any coding. 
 CES Innovation Award Winner Smart Radar System's Touchless Patient Monitoring System Built on No code API AutoFlow and 4D Radar


The mobile backend for Uber and Lyft like solution for an enterprise built in 3 months using API AutoFlow Interactor.


LSE EdgeHub i is a hybrid cloud industrial/factory IoT system that combines low latency edge computing with high availability cloud platform built on Interactor.
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