Smart Radar System's Touchless Patient Monitoring System Built on No code API AutoFlow and 4D Radar

CES Innovation Award Winner

Healthcare Monitoring Pain Point

  • Conventional monitoring methods require constant in-person attention
  • Camera-based monitoring invades privacy
  • Real-time vital monitoring equipment is costly

Solution: 4D Touchless remote monitoring

  • 4D radar allows falls, movement, and even patient vitals remotely
  • Privacy and works behind curtains and in the dark
  • Radars cost far less than conventional monitoring systems with low maintenance

Monitoring Systems Comparison

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The system is customizable for individual hospitals and nursing homes. The system integrates easily with the existing hospital systems in both cloud and on-premise versions.


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Fall Detection





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Fall Prevention

  • Distinguishing patient & caregiver based on positions
  • Alarms when the patient moves alone to a dangerous area
  • No alarm when a patient is with a caregiver

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Privacy Protection

  • Monitoring patients through curtains
  • Best for privacy protection while monitoring

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